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Accessing Ubuntu’s End-Of-Life repositories

Approximately 2 months ago Ubuntu 8.10, installed on my laptop, could not access its repositories. In few minutes I’ve found out that this problem is due to EOL (End-Of-Life) for Intrepid Ibex 8.10. It’s not the first time I’ve faced … Continue reading

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Wordpress brings tweets to your content

It’s so easy that it feels like a crime not to use it. #WP brings tweets to your content — qva5 (@qva5) November 20, 2010

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The story behind ~200 Line Linux Kernel Patch That Does Wonders

You have probably already heard about new Linux kernel patch which speed up desktop, by grouping users’ task by tty. Well, people are still praising this solution on forums and mailing list, and Red Hat developer, Leonard Pottering, the man … Continue reading

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Geek Music – C418 / Minecraft

Lately I’ve been digging into independent game scene. Mainly as a observer, cause all still lacking free time and experience needed in game development. However I’ve been observing the new phenomenon called Minecraft. To make it short, Minecraft is a game … Continue reading

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Testing your project with mockish approach

Despite I’m not new to TDD process and try to implement its principles during my own projects, lately I have came across interesting issue. Within our system, there is a component which controls “workflow”, subsequently triggers objects to make database … Continue reading

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Geek Rock – Beatnik Turtle

Today I was listening to Thomas Gideon’s interview with Randy Chertkow and this particular episode inspired me to finally check out Beating Turtle homepage. Although I have been hearing some good opinions about Beating Turtle before I never really had … Continue reading

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Weekly wrap-up #1

As not having anything better to post this week I’ve decide it would be excellent excuse to post my first weekly wrap-up. This week several stories “catch my eye”. Literally three of them. Maybe it is not much, but all of them … Continue reading

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