Geek Music – Osmos / High Skies / Mat Jarvis – An Interview

Christmas is coming, so I thought I would prepare something special for this Holiday seasons. I’ve recently written a piece about Osmos and High Skies’s “Sounds of Earth” album for it. A day later Mat Jarvis I had short conversation with Mat by Twitter and we’ve agree for short Q&A session regarding Osmos and his projects, which I think would be complementary to my blog post.

So without further overdue, I hope you’ll enjoy it and Merry Christmas!

How you end up adding your music to Osmos soundtrack?

It started about 3 years ago. Eddy Boxerman contacted me about using some of my music for a game he was creating, It wasn’t even called Osmos, there was no Hemisphere Games, and the graphics were just circles on a plain background, but you could tell it had good gameplay. He didn’t even know if it would be released.

Have you played Osmos? What you think about the game?

It’s a great game with great game-play and a unique look. EDDY had a vision and stuck to it, so that the music and graphics and game-play all work together.

Why have you decided to add your album as an bonus to the Osmos? Do you consider it as a way to advertise your productions to broader publicity?

see below…

On your webpage you describe High Skies – Sounds of Earth as “Blade Runner meets Voyager; an interstellar soundtrack to NASAâ?Ts Voyager spacecraft. Six tracks of deep phased electronics.”. Could you elaborate this sentence?

To me it kind of fits in the Blade Runner period Vangelis, and the concept that runs through the music and booklet is the golden Record from NASA’s Voyager probe; ‘deep phased electronics’ sums up the sound.

Do you remember what has been your inspiration when working on Sounds of Earth album?

I love old analogue synths and modulars, and the best time for them was perhaps the 70s. There were no rules, unlike today where if you use certain type of sound it’s classed as trance, another as acid etc, there are many well trodden paths. So I tried to keep the spirit of the raw experimentation without hopefully the alienation of a just having a bunch of weird noises.

High Skies – Sounds of Earth mini album, distributed with Osmos, contains DRM free mp3. Considering you are still selling it on your page, aren’t you afraid of losing possible revenue?

It’s hard, really hard to sell music these days with all the piracy, and it’s even harder to be heard. So it will stop some revenue, but it also helps with being heard. I even offer a free copy on my site to anyone who helps spread the word, but some people have still chosen to support me by buying it even though they don’t have to, which I’m very grateful for.

Do you consider yourself as a Geek?

I like Geeky things; Synthesizers, technology, gadgets, science, art, BBC4, so I guess so.

I am suspecting being ambient artist is not what you are doing for a living. What are you doing to “pay your rent”?

It’s a tough life but I get by.

If you could describe your working process in few sentences, how would it be? Are you using particular applications or have a schema when producing a piece?

It’s always different, but usually I have a vision of the finished music in my head and I try to create it. Sometimes you have to wrestle hard as the music wants to go down a different path. I have quite a simple setup, a computer, which I use as a digital tape recorder, and a few analogue synths.

I hope this is not too much. I’ve started with only 2 questions, but before I’ve ended writing this email, few more came to my mind.

Yes I know that happens all the time with me too.


ps. Maybe one of Mat’s albums would feel as a perfect gift for you this Christmas. Won’t it?

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