The story behind ~200 Line Linux Kernel Patch That Does Wonders

You have probably already heard about new Linux kernel patch which speed up desktop, by grouping users’ task by tty. Well, people are still praising this solution on forums and mailing list, and Red Hat developer, Leonard Pottering, the man behind systemd, and infamous pulseaudio, proposed another approach to this problem. On he proposed utilizing systemd build-in feature to create named cgroup. An implemention of hist solution, for Red Hat and Ubuntu, with short description, could be view on webupd8.

This started vivid discussion in kernel world with typical response from Linus Torvalds.

Although initially Leonard’s solution seems  easier to implement and work with, by using already available tools, in a long run, including patch directly in kernel will better serve Linux. Because with only one change all distributions will have the same functionality and all users will get better OS.

Below you can find test video for patched kernel working under stress.

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