Geek Music – C418 / Minecraft

Lately I’ve been digging into independent game scene. Mainly as a observer, cause all still lacking free time and experience needed in game development. However I’ve been observing the new phenomenon called Minecraft.

To make it short, Minecraft is a game about mining and fighting with zombies. Maybe it does not sound interesting at first, but it definitely has something worth its price. Although it’s still in beta it’s been huge success so far.

Skimming Notch‘s, Minecraft author, I’ve came across C418‘s soundtrack for the game. C418 is a electronic music composer, related to indie game scene.  He is also well know for his superb skills and talent. Additionally he is making publicly available huge set of his  past albums, which represents different projects or ideas, free as a beer.

Since now, I’ve only had a chance to listen to two of his albums, but from I’ve heard so far I must agree with all those people who are fans of C418.

“Circle” and “Life changing moments seem minor in pictures” are both examples of well composed electronic music. “Circle” is more minimalistic and ambient than “Life changing moments…”, which is more a complication of different ideas, but all the songs on those two albums are easy to listen and safe to work.

So if you enjoy listening to electronic sounds, particularly relaxing to good ambient or spending your time coding at night, I’m sure you will find C418 worth every seconds of your attention.

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