Weekly wrap-up #1

As not having anything better to post this week I’ve decide it would be excellent excuse to post my first weekly wrap-up.

This week several stories “catch my eye”. Literally three of them. Maybe it is not much, but all of them touch very important subject in the age of trade agreements like ACTA. Your rights, online and offline.

First of them tell a story of hacked HDCP master key. To tell long story short, it’s a key which could be use to set free all of those digital boxes which use DRM to prevent playing or copying , ex. blue-ray videos. When the story initially broke, it was not 100% confirmed, but later this week Intel confirm validity of seen key and similarly to DVD‘s CSS Blue-Ray‘s countermeasures could be now bypassed.

Next story is also about Intel and DRM. It seems that our beloved chipmaker has decided to use Hollywood’s business method to squeeze more cash from the consumer and in a long run even fight with competition. I really hope that this is not a new way tech companies will use. I have sincerely enough of the software which doesn’t belong to you and doesn’t need the having the same problem with my computer. If Intel will convince public that it doesn’t have right to psychical chip it bought, I could see other industries will go along.

The last post is from polish blog Vagla. Vagla writes about law and on-line rights in age of Internet, and focus mainly on situation in Poland. As I am a netizen who lives in Poland, I try to be up to date which stories which end up on this blog. One of this week stories is about new proposition from our law legislation body which suggest new law which try to establish a national cyber defense, and cyber strategy. As at the moment those cyber crimes are already pursue by law, it’s looks like another this proposition is another way to put new burden on citizen and at the end will not change anything.

This week stories:

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