Is Microsoft really that evil?

Today I’ve read an article about Russia authorities using copyright claims against local opposition or activists. It’s worth mentioning that in the cases mentioned in NYT’s article Russian branch of Microsoft actively support police and prosecutors. Of course they deny everything, but from what is written is hard to believe them.

I don’t want to state that it’s another evidence of Microsoft’s evilness. I just suspect that it’s more prudent to act together, not against, local jurisdictions. Also remember that if those lawyers mentioned in the article, life in Russia, they could be target of similar pressure.

I my opinion nowdays you couldn’t say about publicly held company that is evil or good. The target of company is to give profits and do so in limits of law. Of course company could try to enforce high-standard to their actions, but at the end most of them will chose additional income instead.

I am sure that there were many other similar cases where companies help other government hassle citizens whose don’t abiding their “laws”.

Each of them want to convince us that they are the one you could trust, but if you look close enough that it isn’t not the consumer they care the most, but our money. In tech GoogleApple, Microsoft are example of this behaviour.

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