Gmail just got better!

I’ve just read a post from gmail blog about their new feature. In upcomming days gmail team should start rolling out new way to sort your inbox and they call it “priority inbox”.

Already I’ve been using gmail for sometime and I am used to tagging, starring my email, and spam filter. Most of the times those are ways to organize my inbox, and and those are  last thing I perform before archiving a mail or throwing it to oblivion.

Now we suppose to get a possibility, to see most important mails first. For me this could a game changer.

Suddenly the scenario switches 180 degrees. You won’t be force to skim through the pile of unnecessary emails and hope you won’t make a mistake removing important ones. With this sort feature your gmail account will do it for you.

Of course as with any other technology, it will need to get some sample data, to anticipate on what you want to focus. But authors describes many vectors it will be using, and this could mean that the acceptable results will appear very fast. And knowing google I am sure whey already have some sample data prepared.

I am not sure how novice this approach is, but as far as I am concerned I haven’t seen anything similar with other mail accounts or inside apps like thunderbird or ms outlook. I am still waiting for my “priority inbox”, but me sure that I will let you know how the tests went as soon as it get here.

Till then, take a look at Priority Inbox presentation.

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