The first post

As you may see this is my very first post. To be really honest, this is my very first blog as well. For now I have very vague plans for this website. I think for the first couple of posts I will try to get use to it. I really don’t know, how it will feel to be able to share your own thought will you all.

Maybe this sharing experience is what pushed me to start this blog in a first place? You got me;)

I am interested in technology, especially in programming. Hard not to be when you are sitting in front of computer screen and combining bits together professionally and as a hobby. So you may expect some programming stuff here. What else?

Security and public rights will also be mentioned from time to time. I know we all live in different countries, but in age of ubiquitous Internet access and corporate laws, those borders become less and less significant.

This blog will be also a way to exercise my English skills. Keep in mind that I am not an English native.  Way to practice second language outside of job relations would be very helpful.

Let’s end up with title for this blog. Think before type comes partially from my job, during which I have already learnt that acting in a hurry usually doesn’t pay. So those few words which would appear in this place, would be a way to reconsider few things and discuss it with broader audience.

That all for today.



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