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Gmail just got better!

I’ve just read a post from gmail blog about their new feature. In upcomming days gmail team should start rolling out new way to sort your inbox and they call it “priority inbox”. Already I’ve been using gmail for sometime … Continue reading

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I has been officially confirmed. Since August 28th I am owner on domain I hope this will save a lot of typing and as a result possible typos, as wordpress’ subdomain is a slightly bit longer then this. Continue reading

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Today at a gym I’ve been listening to The CommandLine Podcast show about a way Thomas is trying to control information flow and focus in a age of internet and constant distraction. Whereas I’ve been trying to find my own … Continue reading

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As every self-respect geek I’m trying to be up-to-date will technology news. Checking number of various sites each day is a tremendous work and something I cannot imagine doing. Therefore I appreciate RSS (Really Simple Sindication) feed till the first … Continue reading

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Getting on track

Following yesterday’s enthusiasm I thought it would be good to change the default About page and add there something from me. I hope those few sentences, give you good picture of my interest and shed some light on topic you … Continue reading

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The first post

As you may see this is my very first post. To be really honest, this is my very first blog as well. For now I have very vague plans for this website. I think for the first couple of posts I will try to get use to it. I really don’t know, how it will feel to be able to share your own thought will you all. Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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